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720 State Highway 102, Rib Lake, WI 54470

About Us

Camp 28 is a tribute to the area’s rustic logging roots and the people who took up the tools of the trade to tame the wild woods. Historical photos, maps, and antique tools set the tone for rustic northwoods retreat. True to these traditional roots, the bar and grill serves American classics like fried chicken, burgers, steaks, pizzas, and more, including Friday Fish Fry and weekend breakfast options.

The owners, Dave Marcis and his wife, Helen, have owned Camp 28 since 2001. Mr. Marcis, a former NASCAR driver and native of Wausau, WI, put on many miles both on the track and on the driving circuit. Shifting gears into retirement gave him and the perfect opportunity to fulfil his dream of opening a welcoming, affordable restaurant serving up delicious meals and great memories. His family roots in the area made Rib Lake and Camp 28 a natural choice.

See the highlights of his decades-long, high-speed career as a decorated NASCAR driver in the banquet hall. Personal photos and racing memorabilia tell the story of his remarkable racing life alongside other iconic drivers like Dale Earnhardt (a close personal friend and hunting buddy), Dick Trickle, and Richard Petty. Read more about Dave Marcis racing.

In the Camp 28 bar, Mr. Marcis’s private collection of hunting trophies inspires visiting outdoorsmen with lively mounts of everything from whitetail deer to bear and moose. These personal touches help get you feeling right at home during your stay at Camp 28.